Sailing Round the World - dream come true PART I

What is the biggest dream for a passionate diver? Probably to dive in Great Australian barrier reef…

What is the biggest dream for a globetrotter? Probably to explore all continents and to reach unspoiled places which not many people have seen.

What is the biggest dream for a sailor? For sure - Circumnavigation- sailing round the world.

Going around the world by the boat we can have it all at once!

It is definitely our dream, since we have crossed the Atlantic ocean in 2009 with ARC regatta. It is somehow natural next step of dreaming.

As we are pragmatic, we turned it into a goal which has to be reached and now it looks like it is a serious plan.

Two years ago we have observed and followed very closely similar event organized by Oyster Marine - called Oyster World Rally 2013-2014

Having in mind our limits, level of knowledge, safety and preparations needed for such ambitious trip, we have realized that it is a fantastic opportunity for us to join the event organized by Oyster for its customers.

Most probably, if we would need to do it only by ourselves, preparation would take us 6-7 years and as for now we are not sure if we would decide to

do it.

Oyster team responsible for organization of the Round the Word trip, consists of very experienced sailors, some of them are rescue officers of

RNLI UK, some are experienced racing sailors, providing good guidelines and knowledge about crucial preparation elements to make this trip happen.

The idea of cruising the world in a fleet, with great company of other sailors (some of them are our friends already) brings a taste of social life

to the event and builds our confidence.


Route Plan  

Event will start from Antigua in January  15th  2017

PART 1 – Pacific Rally, 2017

3 months, January to March ‘17,                  ~5000 Nm

Antigua         15th January 2017, 9 days         1180 Nm

Panama      18th March 2017, 7 days                870 Nm

Galapagos      17th April 2017, 22 days            3030 Nm

early May  to arrive Marquesas

ETAP 1b Pacific Cruising  ~6 months   May ‘17 to November 17       ~  4000 Nm

Marquesas via Tuamotus 24th May, 2017 6days 760 Nm

Tahiti                             7th July, 2017 1 day, 130 Nm

 Bora Bora                     16th July, 8days 1200 Nm

 Samoa                         14th August, 2017 3 days, 400 Nm

Tonga                            12th September 2017, 3 days 400 Nm

 Fiji                                15th October, 2017, 9 days 1180 Nm

 Auckland,  New Zealand



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