New concept of LEDs - WICOP by Seoul Semiconductor

  Innovative, small sized, highly efficient LED technology   - Seoul Semiconductor develops and mass produces WICOP (Wafer Level Integrated Chip on PCB) - No need for some major components, such as lead-frame and gold wire as well as expensive packaging equipment, such as die bonding and wire bonding machines. - Commercialization of WICOP will increase the burden on
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2015-10-15  | 

New Acrich3 - modules powered direct from AC 230V - offer a complete solution for smart lighting systems

New Acrich3 modules from Seoul Semiconductor offer a complete solution for smart lighting systems        Introduction of new Acrich3 modules for a wide variety of general lighting applications.  Acrich3 Technology - Ability to interface with existing Smart lighting protocols. Acrich3 technology with enhanced compatibility with existing TRIAC
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2015-10-15  | 

LED Shop products

Sealeds Dual Color Night Watch

Red&white - two modes LED for red lighting of the interior while navigating at night and a superb warm white mode. It is a replacement for halogen G4 bulb, all in one fixture, no adaptation required. Especially selected, low power red LED, switchable to super warm high quality white light with CRI >93 and AC/DC 10-30V multi voltage. Long life. Low power consumption up to 88% less than halogen. WE ACCEPT Payment by PAYPAL - easy way to do it!

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