Weather for Ocean Passages

It is always god to have additional source of weather forecast. For costal sailors there are plenty App’s on mobile but once you are out more then 30Nm offshore all GSM connections are closed to you. Lucky if you have any satellite connections then variety of weather sources opened wide. You might set up very efficient weather information with relatively low
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2016-10-25  | 

LED module Dual Colour for Navigating at Night

  We are very proud to confirm that our new SeaLEDs project Night Watch Dual Colour LED module finally left the production and verification lab. Marine led G4 bulb is an easy replacement for a halogen bulb. The idea was inspired by our own experience, when during dark nights - night watches especially in crowded, busy areas like channels, fairwater, ship routes,
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2016-06-16  | 

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE of Yanmar engine 4JH4-TE 500 and 1 000hours

        Every 1000 Hours of Operation Perform the following maintenance every 1000 hours or 4 years of operation, whichever comes first. • Checking the Fuel Injection Timing • Checking the Fuel Injector Spray Pattern • Replacing the Seawater Pump Impeller • Cleaning and Checking the Seawater Passages • Checking Diaphragm
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2015-10-15  | 

Our choice of dinghy and outboard AB Rider and Mercury

Our Dinghy:                                                                        It combines safety, comfortable tender with power and speed similar to jetski in one. Construction and design are robust as the
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2015-07-26  | 

Well designed fan for yachtsmen

Designed for use in compact spaces, this fan’s clever foldaway gimbal mechanism directs its output in any direction, and permits it to fold away flat against the bulkhead when not in use. The three-speed gimbaled design allows the controls to be positioned where you need them. Battery-saving timer feature can be set at 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours. Corrosion-resistant parts and
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2015-07-26  | 


The inflatable Jonbuoy Danbuoy is  compact and weighs only 3.3kg. It can be mounted on the pushpit and is easily deployed in an emergency. In the event of a man overboard, simply unclip the unit from its mounting bracket and throw; the danbuoy then automatically inflates. It replaces the traditional danbuoy, light, drogue and whistle.
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2015-07-26  | 

LED Shop products

Recessed - down light fixture

Cantalupi 'Jennie' is a high quality luxury down-light fixture from polished stainless steel WE ACCEPT Payment by PAYPAL - easy way to do it!

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