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There are few possibilities to find where we are and get some updates of our journey and activities.


We use three different communications and locations channels : Iridium satellite, Inmarsat satellite and AIS, all have some advantages and limits. 

So choose which one you want, just click on one of the icons below:


Fruits and vegetables storage for long passages​

SUNsuSEA blog is here :

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From October 13th 2016 our position is permanently monitored by satellite using Yellow Brick

In upper left corner you see the Alicante to Martinique X-XII trip and attached blog entries and pictures.



We are also visible on AIS - vesselfinder You need to search us, by entering SUNsuSEA.

It shows our position within the AIS range.


 You can find short information and pictures of the most recent destinations


From January 15th 2017 we are joining Oyster World Rally. There are 34 Oyster yachts alltogether taking part in this exciting adventure.

Positions of all Oyster World Rally participants, latest news and Oyster reports can be traced on (click on) 

The list of all participants is here  

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