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SUNsuSEA @ Tuamotus
The Tuamotu Islands called the Tuamotu Archipelago a part of  French Polynesia of almost 80 islands and atolls forming the largest chain of atolls in the world.
SUNsuSEA fits here the best, matching all kinds of blu and Azur blu color adding just another grade of blu to the laguna. Even the hidden meaning of boat name suits here better than in Europe. 
Several coral atolls located on the way between Marquesas and Tahiti.
A real paradise for underwater activity - diving and snorkeling.
We visit and explored only a few of the Tuamotus islands.
Motus = Island 
Kaouehi, Fakarawa ,Toau, Ahe and Rangiroa 
All you need is fins and masks, jump directly from the boat to 30’C water light blue color and locate coral heads - one of the hundreds.
Colorful fishes just like in an aquarium, as the water is very warm we spend hours in the water enjoying observation of marine life around.
The most exciting was diving in the atolls passes as marine life enjoys current.
We were lucky to see many sharks and groupers, giant tunas, and some napoleon fishes.

Our jurnays time was regulated by tides and possibility of going in and out from atolls.
Usually Tuamotu islands has one or two passes which can be enter by sailing boats only when ingoing or outgoing current was changing. Some of atolls has as strong current as 6 knots !

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