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Red&white - two modes LED for red lighting of the interior while navigating at night and a superb warm white mode. It is a replacement for halogen G4 bulb, all in one fixture, no adaptation required. Especially selected, low power red LED, switchable to super warm high quality white light with CRI >93 and AC/DC 10-30V multi voltage. Long life. Low power consumption up to 88% less than halogen.

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product specification additional information
Number of LED: 6+2
LED type: 5630 middle power
Colour Temp: 2700 Kelvin (super warm white)
Brightness (lm): 216lm
Power Consumption:
max. 2,20 W
Colour fidelity: CRI >93, R9>50
0,17 A @ 12V / 0,08 A @ 24V
Brightness (lm): 25lm
Power Consumption: 0,9 W
Current: 0,076 A @ 12V / 0,038 A @ 24V
Operating Voltage: DC 10-30V; AC 10-24V
Base type: G4 side or back pin
Effect on radio frequency: no interferences
Beam angle: 120'
Allowable operating Temp: -10°C ... 50°C
Led life: 50000 hours
Dimensions: D30mm, H5,6 mm, pins length 30mm, on request available longer pin versions
Warranty: 2 years
The driver has built-in: protection features such as pulse by pulse current limit
thermal sensing and
shutdown due to excessive power dissipation.

WE ACCEPT Payment by PAYPAL - easy way to do it!

SEALEDs Night Watch Dual color LED module requires you only to get rid of the old halogen G4 bulb.  Red/White LED module will save you a lot of energy which you will really appreciate during long passages and in SEALEDs case without any compromise of quality of light in any today known factors.

How SEALEDs Night Watch works?
As you turn ON lights, even accidentally it will turn RED and safely for your pupils will give you enough visibility at night as you need for most night activities.
SEALEDs will let you accomplish the logbook notes, making a tea or coffee for your exhausted crew or other very important actions. 
The microcontroller is on uphold to never let you and your crew switch on serious disturbing light at night by accident!

When you switch ON your regular light switch it will always set first RED (delicate, soft and subtle)  light not disturbing your conjunctiva.
But if your intention was to light (white) full power of your luminaire it will give you after 3-4 seconds a gentle sign by blinking twice. So, to switch ON you need just to press OFF and ON again in 3-4 seconds then full power white will appear.

Every time you switched OFF then, it will always start from gentle reduced power  RED light color. All algorithms start again.
The SEALEDs Dual Night Watch is built with carefully selected LED’s. On 30mm diameter disk are 8 LEDs. 6 LEDs mounted around,  are white the same quality and efficiency as in our bestseller SEA6-200lm-2700K-95-12-24AC/DC module giving 200lm a pleasant warm light with quality of colour fidelity assured by 93 CRI factor. 
Among them are located 2 pieces of Red Leds with limited to  25 lm (10-14 lm each)  light output to avoid distracting sailors' night vision, but delivering enough light to working surface due to wide angle of 120’ (provided they are located from 1-2m distance).
When SeaLEDs Dual operates in night mode - Red uses only 76 mA which means the power consumption is below 1W.

Algorithm of Led module:

  • ON >> Red 
  • In 3-4 sec gentle blink 

You choose :

  1. do nothing it stays RED until you decide to switch off
  2. press OFF and ON if your intention is full white light ( you have to do it in 3-4 seconds after a blink)
  • OFF>> no lights
  •  ON >> repeats  the cycle from RED

This configuration is most useful when you have one light fixture for example at the nav station.

What to do if your current design of the electricity pattern is different ?
There is an option to use a sister module designed especially for this purpose SEALEDs 0Red/White. It is a similar module as Red/White equipped with uC and software but without RED LEDs.  
You mount one or two modules of RED/White SEALEDs dual and the rest 0/White SEALEDs.
The procedure and algorithm remain the same. The result is different.
Once you switched ON the whole sector only Dual will light their Red sections, after 3-4 seconds gentle blink of RED LEDs appear giving you a chance to switch OFF and ON again during 3-4 seconds (after blink) will result in the full light of each luminary in the pattern.
When SEALEDS Dual operates in night mode - Red, in the same time SEALEDs 0/White are in standby mode ( no lights) use only 4,5mA which means the power consumption is below 55mW. Our marine led G4 bulbs do not interfere with RF equipment on board. 

Dual color G4 LED bulbs - seaLEDs, are designed and manufactured in EU, (well) made in Poland. 


I am sure You are convinced of the solution but if you are still a bit confused how it works please look at a small video here

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